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Desert 3x3 Rubber Backed Neoprene Tabletop Gaming Mat

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Desert 3x3 Rubber Backed Neoprene Tabletop Gaming Mat

Play your tabletop in style with this high quality Rubber Backed Neoprene gaming mat with our rugged desert terrain design. Ideal for miniatures wargames , this mat will add drama and atmosphere to your campaigns and skirmishes. So your game of Legions, Kill Team or 40k will flow beautifully across this unforgiving terrain.

The 2mm cloth upper has a thick non slip backing which creates a high quality product with a heavyweight feel. Not only is the mat non slip it will deaden your dice roll so no more lost dice! 

Our Mats also provide the perfect backdrop for RPG, card and board games and will protect your table from dice marks (for those lucky enouch to own metal dice!)

The stitched edge not only looks amazing bu also prevents fraying and seperation of the edges of the mat, which can be an issue with cheaper alternatives.

Mat is supplied boxed and rolled.

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