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Giant Book of Sci-Fi Battle Mats (A3)

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Giant Book of Sci-Fi Battle Mats (A3)

Giant Sci-Fi Battle Mat Book

Open the book, instantly create the encounter area, even if you weren't expecting an encounter there!

The First open and Roll Sci-Fi Books to be published, this unique products mean the GM’s & players of Sci-Fi RPG’s can now enjoy all the benefits that the Giant Book of Battle Mats bring to Fantasy RPG players!

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Designed to keep your game rolling, even in the tightest of table spaces, Loke BattleMats range of Battle Mat Books offer unique flexibility. Books lay 100% flat to double the map size, or can be used one page at a time for smaller encounters or where space is tight thanks to the wire bound spine. This book features many modular designs which can line up across multiple books for a really epic adventure!!

  • Large A3 format (Approx 17x12 inch pages)
  • 62  (A3) wipe clean Battle mat pages for RPG encounters
  • Sci Fi themed
  • 1-inch Grid or Hex throughout – designed for use with miniatures
  • Complimentary maps on opposing pages creating the option of larger maps
  • 360-degree wire bound spine for lay 100% flat format – robust and designed for durability & flexibility
  • Designs ranging from starscapes, space stations, asteroid fields, alien planets, ruined space ships and more.

All page designs are shown in the images above.


Complimentary Map Pages in Action!

Many of the designs in this book have been created is such a way as to compliment the same or other designs in another Giant Book of Sci-Fi Battle Mats placed alongside the first.

From space station to landing pad on lunar surface using two Giant Books of Sci-Fi Battle Mats laid side-by-side.



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