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Rogue Trader: Hostile Acquisitions

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Rogue Trader: Hostile Acquisitions

Make crime pay!

“An honest life is no life at all, all duty and servitude and struggling to survive at the feet of someone born to better. A dishonest life is the way to live—no preacher expects a thief to tithe, and the authorities have no claim on moneys stolen. Of course, you need a quick wit to survive… few are happy to find themselves a few thrones lighter, and the Magistratum don’t take too kindly to thieves.” 
    –‘Fingers’ Deru, Scintillan pick-pocket

Rogue Traders are accustomed to earning their livings in the grey areas of the law, but a few brave or foolhardy captains take it a step further...

Hostile Acquisitions is a guide to crime for Explorers with a flexible sense of morality. A catalog of valuable treasures wait to be “liberated.” In short, Hostile Acquisitions is proof that in the Koronus Expanse, crime often pays.

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